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Soothing night face cream with lavender

BGN 32.00

A solution for night smoothing, toning and improving the appearance of the skin. A velvety night cream that melts instantly into the skin to infuse it with its active ingredients all night long. The power of lavender oil combined with apricot kernel oil and honey extract leave the skin nourished and more hydrated. Lavender has many benefits for the skin, such as fighting acne and wrinkles, and brightening the skin. The formula with skin-identical Coenzyme Q10 not only softens the skin, but also gives the face a fresher and younger look. Gentle, antibacterial and nourishing. Soothes and restores.

Benefits and benefits for the skin
Effectively reduces and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
Dense texture for excellent hydration.
Strong soothing effect on the skin.
High dose of Q10 and deeply nourishing oils.
For a refined and younger looking skin.

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